160 - Stella's Story #21 (My sister, the martian)(Stella Ending)
March 21st, 2010, 6:22 pm


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March 1st, 2010, 9:35 pm
Before moving on, I'd like to say Thanks for reading.
Not many comics make it this long.

175 issues is massive. To me, anyway.

If you asked me one year ago, I didn't think that the comic would still be kicking.

So, thank you.

3 Seasons is just incredible.

June 19th, 2018, 6:44 pm

March 22nd, 2010, 3:50 pm

The one that deserves a thank you here is you, you are the one who keeps making these comics for the readers!

Thank you for making this awesome comic!

I can't wait to finally discover what happens after that announcement. :o